william solomon : bio

William Solomon, born in 1950 in San Diego, CA, has been painting professionally for 35 years. Twenty of those years, however, were dedicated to the Southern California film industry. He has more recently returned his attention to his personal work, and has produced a large, distinct, and growing body of art. In addition to painting, he is interested in sculpture and conceptual artwork that challenges many of his audience's preconceived notions about what it means to be a work of art.

He counts Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Chuck Close, and Van Gogh as his most admired influences. Very much a product of Southern California, his ideas are informed by a broad range of cultural influences and the amalgamation of his life's experiences: from Rauschenberg's aerial photographs to the Hollywood aesthetic, from Zen Buddhism and Judaism to pervasive Los Angeles stereotypes, from suburban culture to the hippie movement, from Joni Mitchell to gangsta rap.

Besides art, Bill enjoys being outdoors, hiking, spending time with his children, and walking his dog Bear.